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We love romance, and nothing makes us happier than helping you pick out your perfect engagement ring or wedding ring set. ALCHEMY 9•2•5 always has a beautiful selection of one-of-kind and limited edition wedding jewelry in stock. Are you looking for bridesmaids jewelry or something special for the mother of the bride? Come visit our Belmont store, just eight short miles from Boston, or email us to inquire about a specific piece or artist. If you are looking for something personalized, consider a custom order. We work closely with all of the artists we feature and can pair you with the one who best suits your style and needs. We can assist you in acquiring the perfect stone on which to build your design ideas. Below are some of our featured wedding jewelry designers and artists.


Adel Chefridi


Beth Solomon

Constance Wicklund Gildea_ALCHEMY 9•2•5_jewelry_rings_2

Constance Wicklund Gildea

Dallae Kang_sterling_silver_ring__ALCHEMY 9•2•5

Dallae Kang

EC Design_ALCHEMY925_wedding bands_5

EC Design ~ Emily Catherine Johnson

Crown Pair rings by Mackenzie Law

Edgeworth by Mackenzie Law


Geoffrey Giles

James Binnion Metal Arts

James Binnion Metal Arts

Jenny Reeves stacking rings, bedrock series

Jenny Reeves

Karen Jacobsen Jewelry ALCHEMY 9.2.5

Karin Jacobson


Kristen Mitsu Shiga


Stephen Dixon Design

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