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Adel Chefridi was born in the old city of Tunis, along the Mediterranean coast. He came to New York in 1998, where he studied Gemology at the GIA and then went on to an intensive study of goldsmithing and diamond setting. Meanwhile he met Corinne, who became his wife and business partner. Adel built his first studio in the kitchen of their Brooklyn apartment and later went on to establish a studio and showroom in SOHO.

” A beautiful design does not add to the Gem anything that it doesn’t already have, but rather reveals the beauty it already possesses. In turn, a beautiful piece of jewelry does not add to the wearer, but unveils a truer identity, one that we immediately recognize in the mirror. Falling in love with a special piece of jewelry is no different than any other love story. The object of love a mirror, reflecting one’s own face.”

His work emphasizes simplicity, wearability, and an openness to light and movement. Using genuine gemstones and precious metals his pieces have a friendly peaceful feel that make them wearable everyday. The natural gemstones bring in light and exquisite color while blending with form and surface to create a motif that speaks to both the past and the future.


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