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“I make ceramic sculpture, influenced by historical styles of ornament, combining wheel thrown & handbuilt elements to create distinct and contemporary pieces.

My inspiration comes from decorative architectural features such as ornate plaster ceilings, elaborate wrought iron, stone facades and carved wood. I enjoy the grand gesture present in large scale relief, the drama of deep shadow, the way in which ornament enhances a space and works alongside function.
I strive to capture these elements within my clay works, whilst creating something unique and progressive. I use a potter’s wheel to make the individual elements used in my sculptural pieces, using the speed of the wheel to create marks that suggest direction and energy. I combine these with elegant hand crafted pieces to blend the vocabulary of styles when they are joined together to create a distinctive sculpture.

The construction process is organic – there is no specific plan; joining and adding the work slowly evolves until a decision is made to stop. The varied use of clay bodies informs scale and colour – all work is fired to a high temperature (1260′), which makes it frost proof and suitable for indoor or outdoor display.”

Visit Jo Taylor Ceramics website HERE.