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Keiko Mita

“I try to create lasting modern designs through themes based on the spectacular scenery and beautiful wildflowers on the stormy and isolated island where I was born. My Japanese heritage and extensive travels are also strong influences. Working primarily in 18K gold and mixed metals, I combine metal textures and complex shapes with diamonds, pearls, and other precious and semi-precious stones. My pieces range from geometric to organic and focus on movement, texture and color.”

Keiko Mita is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious JJA Jewelry Design Award in Japan and the De Beers Diamonds International Award (Finalist) in the United Kingdom. In the United States she won the MJSA American Vision Award, the Saul Bell Design Award (Finalist) and the De Beers Diamonds Today Award, among others. More recently her Crown Ring and Ombre Earrings won two InDesign Awards for the engagement and silver categories, respectively.

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