The ALCHEMY 9.2.5 “LOVE” Design Challenge 2017.

By July 13, 2017Events


Join ALCHEMY 9.2.5 for our first ever “LOVE” Design Challenge.

Take the Design Challenge.  Buy a “kit” of prescribed materials and create a piece of wearable jewelry that says everything you want to express about LOVE.

Application fee of $39 covers our Design Challenge Kit, compiled by Halstead, and includes shipping within the U.S.

A portion of the proceeds of all exhibition sales will go to The Toolbox Initiative. A big thank you to Halstead for donating three kits to Toolbox Initiative’s artists.

Purchase kit HERE.

Exhibition Dates: Feb 3rd – March 3rd, 2018

1. Proposal: “LOVE”
Join ALCHEMY 9.2.5 for the “LOVE” Design Challenge.
How do you define love? Romantic love, enduring love, unrequited love, first love, secret love, parental love, universal love? This Valentine’s Day Show will explore the many facets of the concept of love and its complex emotions. Express your love by creating a piece of wearable jewelry for our first design challenge using the designated kit (assembled by Halstead). An exhibition of 30 juried pieces will be on display at ALCHEMY 9.2.5.

2. Application:
•Deadline for entry submission: December 4th, 2017
•Send a document with name, email, phone number, and 3 photos of the finished piece (one full image and 2 detailed shots, no objects in background) via DropBox (preferred) or email to

3. Application Fee:
•A $39 application fee covers ALCHEMY 9.2.5’s design challenge KIT (assembled by Halstead) and shipping within the US.
•If you have any questions about the kit, please inquire via email prior to sending in fees.
•No additional fees are required after the purchase of kit.

4. Kit Contents (kit available for purchase from August 1st –September 1st 2017 on a first come first served basis). Purchase kit HERE

Leather Cord Necklace 24”

Sterling Silver Chain, 18”

Sterling silver sheet, 22g, 1×3 inches.

Copper sheet, 24g with cross hatch texture. 1×6 inches.

Copper sheet, 20g. 3×6 inches.

Copper wire, 16ga. 2 feet.

Sterling silver heart. 25mm x 11mm.

Set of 3 sterling silver heart charms.

Sterling silver wire, 20g, 2 feet.

Sterling silver bead wire, 14g, 8 inches.

•Kit price: $39 (includes shipping)

5. Challenge Specifications:

• Accepted entries must be for sale during the exhibition.
•Create a piece of wearable jewelry from the carefully selected design kit (assembled by Halstead) utilizing as many components as possible (minimum 50% of kit items should be used in final work.) Artists are permitted to add one found object OR one gemstone.
•Size restrictions: Maximum: 4 x 4 x 1 inches, with exception of neck chains or cords.
•Retail price max. $500 (higher priced work will not be considered for exhibition!)

6. Jurying Process/ Prizes:
•The jurying process ensures that the work submitted is of the highest quality and follows the curatorial mission outlined in the proposal. Craftsmanship, dedication to the concept of the show, diversity, intrigue and interpretation of the call will be considered.
• Prizes. Three winning artists will be given the opportunity to have a collection of their work featured in a future exhibition at ALCHEMY 9.2.5. in early 2019. Exact date to be determined.

7. Jurors: ALCHEMY 9.2.5 co-owners Kirsten Ball and Munya Avaigail Upin, and artist and Toolbox Initiative co-creator, Matthieu Cheminée. Read more about Matthieu and see his beautiful work HERE.

8. Eligibility:
•This exhibition is an open call to all metals and/or jewelry artists but is limited to those living and working in the USA. Unfortunately, we cannot accept international applications.

9. Ownership/Sale:
Finished work is owned by the artist until sold.
All work submitted must be for sale!
Unsold pieces may be picked up after the exhibition or will be returned via USPS at the gallery’s expense.
● Sales of accepted work will be divided as follows (brick and mortar and online sales):
50% of retail price goes to the artist.
45% of retail price goes to ALCHEMY 9.2.5
5% of retail price will be donated to: The Toolbox Initiative.

10. Shipping and Insurance:
• Artists are responsible for cost of shipping and insurance to ALCHEMY 9.2.5. Deadline for arrival of shipment at gallery venue is Jan. 23rd 2018. Ship to:
48 Leonard Street
Belmont, MA 02478
•Artwork is insured at wholesale price while on gallery premises and during return shipment.

11. Exhibition Contracts:
•Acceptance into the exhibition constitutes a contractual agreement between the artist and the gallery under which the artist agrees to adhere to all important dates.
•Consignment contracts will be sent to accepted juried artists at a later date

12. Important Dates:
•Kits may be ordered between August 1st-September 1st, 2017. First come first served. Only 100 kits available!
•Deadline for entry submission: December 4th, 2017
Send a document with name, email, phone number, and 3 photos of finished piece (no objects in background, one full image and 2 detailed shots) via DropBox (preferred) or email to
•Artist Notification of exhibition acceptance: January 9th, 2018
•Delivery to Exhibition: On or before Jan. 23rd 2018.
•Exhibition Dates: Feb 3rd – March 3rd, 2018

13. Inquiries:
Please direct all questions to Munya or Kirsten at or call 617-484-9250